I LOVE the top quality meats and smallgoods ( especially the coveted German Schultes brand). I can buy cuts for every occasion from cheaper cuts such as chuck and beef cheeks to the finest eye fillet for my discerning band of carnivores. The meatloaves and pre-prepared stir frys etc really help when meal preparation is of timely essence. I like that you can get kangaroo, crocodile and goat as well. The advertised specials are awesome and great for "stocking up".The cost per meal ratio is very low and really helps with the family budget. It really is true that you can cut your meal bill in half. But it is the taste that keeps you coming back for more.The butchers are cheerful and helpful with considerable knowledge of their products. No request is too troublesome from boning out to slicing as requested. Service as it should be! Warby's really "make the cut".

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