Stephen O

On the Saturday 23/5/2015 I went into Warby's at Lawnton to place an order. The shop was at it's usual frantic pace with the butchers serving as quickly and politely as possible. My order was an unusual one as all the products needed to be CryovackedI. I asked for a pen and paper so I could write down an order and give it to them. I strolled around and wrote down the amount I needed and how big the portions had to be. I asked if I could collect the order on Wednesday and was told this would be fine. On arrival Wednesday the order was boxed and waiting for me to collect. I have been using Warburton Butchers now for around 20yrs and have yet to be let down by them.

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Custom and Bulk Orders

Warby's is more than able to provide you with Custom Made or Specialised Orders to suit any requirement. We can even arrange bulk orders for all special events or even larger sporting event needs. Simply call Marty, Jay or Davy directly 07 38899555 to discuss your needs and time frames.


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