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Amanda Fielding

Meat is great, staff are always friendly. So friendly infact, my teenage son asked a butcher must be a good job because the staff are so friendly. "You wouldn't be happy if you didn't have a good job." Then he asked what's a butcher's pay? You always leave an impression on him! Like the specials, especially the Rib Eye on the Bone. Best dish ever!! Even better when they opened at Lawnton, saved us driving to Carseldine AND they are open ALL DAY Sundays!! Brilliant work!!

Stacey Eddy

Best Butchers in town. Great Quality meat, great prices and fantastic service, even on the weekend when it is packed with people the staff are still courteous. And the meat is always fresh.

Scott Moore

The staff are really friendly and helpful! I can send my wife down any time to pickup what we need and if she has any queries I know that she'll come home with the right stuff!!
Those Nolans Eye Fillet are the best around and the best value for money too!!

Judi Brown

My family just love the Steak!! and its great how the Butcher cuts it up for me, they also love the Chicken and the Pickled Pork...the list goes on, always friendly and helpful, real butchering the old fashioned way just like my Dad used to do! and great prices too!!

Lawrie Augustine

When I moved to the district and then found Warbys @ Lawnton I was over the moon. A real butcher shop, staffed by friendly, helpful, and eager-to-please butchers like I remember from the old days. Every visit is enjoyable, and every meal made with their products is superb

Joe Springer

Huge variety, great quality and awesome prices. Working just up the road is a bonus. Rib fillet, legs of lamb, sausages some of my staples. They always seem to have fresh brisket for me and this stuff comes out of my smoker, tender, juicy and exquisite.

Dianne Reid

I have never been disappointed with any meat bought from your store at Lawton. I have lived in the area for 45 years & have always bought from the local business instead of large supermarkets, keep up the great prices you have on your bulk meat. 

Ian Mccann

These guys are so good at what they do. Always friendly and no matter how busy they do it with a smile in there faces. Oh and the meat is great as well

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Custom and Bulk Orders

Warby's is more than able to provide you with Custom Made or Specialised Orders to suit any requirement. We can even arrange bulk orders for all special events or even larger sporting event needs. Simply call Marty, Jay or Davy directly 07 38899555 to discuss your needs and time frames.


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